Jolesfield Church of England Primary School

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Cloud Learning

The vast majority of our learning in computing has now been moved to the cloud. The children are given usernames and passwords for the different cloud based programs. They can be accessed below:

Google Education

This is a domain owned by Jolesfield School. The children are able to experience much of what Google has to offer but in a safe and secure environment. They can produce: documents, presentations, spreadsheets and websites. They can also send emails within the school community.It also provides the children with unlimited space to save all their files which can be accessed from home and school.

Purple Mash

Purple Mash covers many aspects of our curriculum including English, maths, art, design and can be accessed by all children but is used mainly with KS1. Work is saved and can be accessed from home and school.


Sumdog provides fun maths games to improve children's mental maths skills. All the children have a log in account that will keep track of their progress and can provided targeted challenges. From time to time we enter class, school and county wide challenges, is structured around problem solving and teaches all of the coding requirements of the Primary Computing Curriculum using 'blocks' of code.  It is a popular, fun and engaging set of challenges.  Teachers can track individual pupils progress as they complete each challenge.


Scratch is a universally used program developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Like, it embraces all Computing Curriculum coding requirements but uses a creative approach as opposed to problem solving. Pupils are taught how to create their own games using images and moving characters.