Jolesfield Church of England Primary School

We are all children of God and we are all valued



At Jolesfield we aim to develop a love of reading in all our children. Children are taught to read by a variety of methods including phonics, learning keywords and understanding the meaning of the text. Their progress is carefully monitored, and parents are encouraged to support their child at home by hearing them read regularly.

Throughout the school. children are also involved in regular guided reading sessions. A combination of teacher-led and independent activities help them to develop their reading and comprehension skills. We aim to introduce the children to a wide variety of authors and genres so that reading becomes an enjoyable part of their life.


In Reception, Year 1 and 2, the children have a daily phonics session. The children are organised into groups depending on their knowledge of phonics and their progression through the scheme. Once the children have a secure knowledge of phonics, their spelling skills are further developed using Support for Spelling.

Please click below for more information on spellings for each year group.

Spelling - Key Stage 1

Spelling -  Year 3

Spelling - year 4

Spelling - Year 5

Spelling - Year 6


Children learn to write for a variety of purposes and audiences, using appropriate styles and vocabulary. Certain aspects of grammar and punctuation are covered in each year, so knowledge is cumulative.


We will be continuing with Talk for Writing within our English lessons. You will see evidence of your child’s progress in their books.

Please try and come along to our next open afternoon so you can share your child's writing linked to a variety of rich and inspiring texts.