Jolesfield Church of England Primary School

We are all children of God and we are all valued

Our Values

At Jolesfield, our approach to learning is firmly built upon our RAISE values which are underpinned by the Christian values: enabling every child to grow spiritually and emotionally; fostering imagination and a deep sense of personal identity and self-worth; providing guidance through the loving example of Jesus Christ.

Our R.A.I.S.E. values are:

Respect = Reverence - in the way we treat ourselves and others as God's creation

Aspiration = Hope - looking for ways God is leading us and our neighbours into an abundant life

Independence = Wisdom - being able to pray for guidance and develop a sense of responsibility

Skills for life long learning = Humility - knowing we need to improve and progress in order to succeed

Environment and Community = Compassion and Service - caring for the natural world and for our neighbours as God's gift to us


The Christian Values

More information about the values can be found on the Christian Values for Schools website.