Jolesfield C.E .Primary School

We are all children of God and we are all valued

our Christian values

Since the seventeenth century, the Church of England has been actively initiating and supporting the provision of schooling for the children of West Grinstead and Partridge Green. An early church school stood nearby to St. George’s Church and through the following centuries clergy from the parish continued to be involved in and committed to the flourishing of Jolesfield School as it became established.

So today as Priest-in-Charge at West Grinstead and Partridge Green it is my privilege to be a Foundation Governor at Jolesfield and to do all I can to support the whole school in the community which surrounds it.

Recently I welcomed Years 1 and 2 into St. Michaels so that they could begin to understand something about faith and worship. The children were thoroughly engaged and enthusiastic. Before they left I reminded them that St. Michael’s Partridge Green is their church. My vision for the whole school springs from that understanding – that St. Michael’s will continue to support the school in every way and that all children and staff, whatever their understanding of faith may feel a sense of belonging to a prayerful and caring community.

An Anglican Church School works for the well-being and flourishing of every child and adult. It also aspires to lift all our eyes to the world around near and far: to its context in the local community, remembering our responsibility to care for creation - but also to the wider world in compassion for all God’s children.