Jolesfield C.E .Primary School

We are all children of God and we are all valued

Vision and Values

Our school values: 




Skills for life-long learning

Environment and Community

 At Jolesfield we encourage all children to be…

  • successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve
  • confident individuals who are able to live safe, happy, healthy and fulfilling lives
  • responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society locally, nationally and globally

Our Vision
We are a learning community which creates opportunities to: Question, Explore, Innovate, Think, Inspire, Reflect and Collaborate

At Jolesfield we want to engage pupils to become skilled and self-motivated, lifelong learners, through an enjoyable, memorable curriculum which provides pupils with:

In relation to the children

  • an emphasis on developing the whole child
  • ensuring consistently high-quality teaching and learning
  • ensuring all pupils make good and better progress
  • ensuring opportunities to explore faith

In relation to the school culture and organisation

  • continually strengthen the Christian foundation and character of the school
  • continually striving to build capacity and sustainability
  • building a culture of teamwork and collective accountability
  • ensuring high levels of staff satisfaction and fulfilment
  • strengthening partnerships, community links and cross-school collaboration

Our curriculum encourages active participation from our pupils. It encourages them to grow and achieve in a safe environment built on mutual respect and Christian values.