Jolesfield C.E .Primary School

We are all children of God and we are all valued

At Jolesfield we believe that we are all children of God and all are valued. Our school values 'RAISE' are built on the foundations of a strong Christian ethos and an understanding of the core Christian values. 

Through Collective Worship, RE and reflection time in the classroom, the children have explored key values that we believe underpin everything we do, believe in and the way we should live our lives. These values also support the children in achieving their full potential and making progress in all areas of their learning; having faith in their own abilities and talents. 

We work hard to build strong and trusting relationships within our community to create our Jolesfield family. 
Services and worship in our local church of St Michael's, as well as visits from Christian groups, help our children to access God's teachings and for children to worship in different ways.